MLX90614 With Heating Plate

Heating Plate Size

In this blog, I will be using a heating plate to test for the distance to spot ratio of MLX90614 without lenses, with a copper lens hood and Fresnel Lens.

MLX90614 Distance to Spot Ratio

MLX90614 With Copper Lens Hood

Distance to spot ratio (D:S) is the ratio of the distance between sensor and target size. The object should completely fill the FOV of the sensor.

MLX90614 Distance Dependency

Fresnel Lens VS Lens Hood on MLX90614

Temperature readings vary as object moves away from MLX90614. The distance dependency can be reduced with lens hood and Fresnel lens.

MLX90614 Voltage Compensation

MLX90614 Voltage Compensation

Any voltage lower or higher than 3V might introduce temperature errors into MLX90614. A voltage compensation equation can solve the errors.